What we ask you to do

Scanning in your shopping

Every time you or anyone else in your household buys something which is brought back home, please scan...

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Click on Scanning Video to see a demonstration video showing how to scan a shopping trip.


Sending us your till receipts

We also ask you to provide us with an image of your till receipt whenever you make a shopping trip. The best way to do so is by scanning the receipt with a flatbed/copy scanner. If you do not have one then you can take a photo using a digital camera instead.

  • Click here to see an example of how to scan in a till receipts using a copy scanner.
  • Click here to see an example of how to take a digital photo of your till receipts.
  • Click here to see an example of how to upload digital receipts, including PDF files.


Submitting your barcodes and till receipts

At the end of EACH week please remember to transmit your barcodes and upload your till receipts...

Connect the Clicker to your PC
Visit www.shopandscan.com
Click on Transmit your Barcodes
Clicker and Lead   Arrow   Address Bar   Arrow   Transmit Button

After transmitting your barcodes please also Submit your Till Receipts.

Your weekly reward points will then be added to your Reward Account on the following Monday.